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On our website, you can find private cheats for all games. We offer cheats for games such as Rust, Pubg, Call of Duty, Valorant, CS2, DAYZ, SCUM, Escape from Tarkov, LoL, SuperPeople, Apex Legends, Warface, Sea of Thieves, Standoff2, GTAV, R6, BattleBit Remastered, and many more. Our website provides you with a wide selection of cheats for various games. You can choose a cheat that suits your playstyle and preferences. We have cheats for all popular games, and each of them has several product variants. You can also find cheats that fit your budget and needs. We offer both premium multi-hacks with numerous features and affordable scripts with basic functionalities.

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Game Makers Price
1 Rust RING, AJ 9.99-74.59 $
2 Valorant Aquilla, Coffee, Fecurity 2-82.50 $
3 PUBG Aquilla, Crooked-arms, Anibus, FS, DH, Ram, Unnamed, Ring 1-82.50 $
4 Escape from Tarkov VX, Crooked-arms, Fecurity, Alternative 2-30 $
5 DAYZ DullWave, Violence 3-26.90 $
6 CS2 Fecurity 1-5 $
7 SCUM Ring, Crooked-arms 4-43.29 $
8 Apex Legends Aquilla, Unknown, FS, RING, Fecurity 1-54.40 $
9 Call Of Duty DullWave, Crooked-arms, Ring, Fecurity, Anubis 2.40-44.15 $
10 Super People Crooked-arms 6-35 $
11 Rainbow Six Siege Ring 8-63 $
12 BattleBit Remastered AJ, Fecurity, RING 5.40-41.59 $
13 League of Legends 3.30-24.72 $
14 Warface Aquilla 1.25-15.81 $


From 9.99 $


From 2 $


From 1 $

Escape from Tarkov

From 2 $


From 3 $


From 1.25 $


From 1 $


From 4 $

Apex Legends

From 0.99 $

Call of Duty

From 2.40 $

League of Legends

From 3.30 $

TC's Rainbow Six Siege

From 8.88 $

BattleBit Remastered

From 5.40 $

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We support 4 languages and assist cheaters worldwide.

Abundance of Features

Our cheats offer a wide range of features, from regular WallHack to teleportation across the map.

Absolute Protection

Our primary goal is to ensure the safety of our clients, protecting them from bans and fraud.

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Our admins are always available and ready to assist you in any situation.

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