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Contact admin on telegram - @CMPPadm

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For beginners

If you develop your own cheats - write to the administrator, we will help, tell, sell

About us

A short article about who we are and why you should choose us.

CheatsMonster - A new project that brings together the best programmers, administrators and players to create a worthwhile site to sell cheats. Many of our team have many years of experience in the development of cheats and our team is constantly replenished, we have many partners to expand the audience of the project and sell cheats not for 4-5 games, and to capture the entire market cheats. Why choose us?

  • All in one place

    We are constantly looking for new partners and trying to expand the number of cheats every day, one day it will become a one-stop shop for selling cheats worldwide.

    P.S. If you are a novice developer - write to Telegram admin, we will support and put your cheat for sale

  • Guarantees

    Yes, we do not guarantee you 100% protection from ban, no one can guarantee it, but we will definitely protect you from deception - payment is made through reliable services, such as Digiseller or

  • Team

    The unique advantage of our project is a decentralized team, each of the programmers develop their own project and understands it 100% percent. The developer of cheats for Rust will not spend a huge amount of time to work on the cheats for ARK, this and allows you to create and maintain the most complex projects

Despite the fact that the project has just opened, the Administration uses years of experience in such projects and understands how to do everything right and create the coolest project possible.

We are a reliable and versatile company in our field of activity. We are not standing still, but are constantly developing, so we will be able to share a lot of interesting information about us with you in the future. We have a lot more to come.GL! :)

Our website is not responsible for the ban of your gaming account.