[DH] Apex Legends WH

System requirements

  • OS: Windows 10 (1903, 1909, 2004, 20H2, 21H1, 21H2, 22H2), Windows 11 Required disk format for cheat operation: Supports only GPT (MBR does not work!)
  • CPU: Only INTEL (from 2015 and newer) Most X/XE processors are not supported, including XEON
  • OS: Any platform

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Functions list

    • Automatically aim at your enemies.
    • Aim at specific bone
    • Highly configurable!
    • Aim hotkey
    • Aim smoothing
    • Target selector
    • Lock target
    • Switch target delay after kill
    • Draw crosshair
    • Show snaplines
    • Character ESP
    • See all players etc. through walls. Including important information.
    • Max bones render distance
    • Bone style
    • Highly configurable!
    • Battlemode
    • Max render distance
    • Max healthbar render distance
    • Max name render distance
    • Max info render distance
    • Healthbar position
    • Healthbar style
    • Border style
    • Glow players
    • Glow NPC's
    • Radar
    • Easily spot enemies surrounding you with the 2D Radar.
    • Highly configurable!
    • Show enemies
    • Show friendly
    • Color
    • Object ESP
    • See all objects through walls. Including important information.
    • Highly configurable!
    • Battlemode
    • Max render distance
    • Max name render distance
    • Max info render distance
    • Barbwire
    • Breach charge
    • Claymore
    • Cluster charge
    • Cluster nade
    • Drones
    • Frost mat
    • Hard breach
    • Jager's ADS
    • Twitch drone
    • Option to draw 3d boxes
    • Triggerbot
    • Automatically pulls the trigger for you.
    • Use hotkey
    • Trigger interval time
    • Max distance
    • MISC
    • Weapon
    • No spread
    • No recoil

Requirements for Running

Spoofer is included as a gift!

You need to determine whether GPT or MBR is used on the disk where your Windows is installed. Search online for how to check.
Virtualization must be enabled in BIOS.
Secure Boot must be turned off.
Boot mode must be in UEFI.
Disable TPM (Optional).
From the Windows:

Completely disable any antivirus, firewall, or Windows Defender.
Open exploit protection and disable every single option there by default.
Turn off fast boot.

If the cheat doesn't appear on their screen after successful injection:

Make sure the game is running under DX11 and not DX12.
Turn off all overlays (Discord, Steam, GeForce, MSI Afterburner, etc.).

These keys have a "Global" format - they can be activated in any country around the world.

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